MM Wave

Millimetre wave connectors are designed for use in 50 ohm systems, and operate in the frequency ranges up to 110GHz (dependant upon series). The connectors are designed to have a low VSWR and return loss.

The construction of these devices ensures that the body engages before the centre conductor, and allows for a rugged and reliable mating interface. The interface is an air dielectric, with the contact supported by a short glass bead.

All connectors can be configured to be terminated with flexible or semi-rigid cables.

The series designation refers to the outer conductor diameter and generally, the smaller the outer cable the higher the maximum operating frequency as detailed below:

  1. 3.5mm max operating frequency 34GHz (mechanically compatible with 2.92mm and SMA connector series)
  2. 2.92mm max operating frequency 25GHz (mechanically compatible with 3.5mm and SMA connector series)
  3. 2.4mm max operating frequency 50GHz (mechanically compatible with 1.85mm connector series)
  4. 1.85mm max operating frequency 65GHz (mechanically compatible with 2.4mm connector series)
  5. 1.0mm max operating frequency 110GHz