Marine Connectors

Marine ConnectorsMarine Connectors

These connectors can be used across the Marine, Aerospace and Defence sectors.

The marine connectors are manufactured to the following specifications –

MK 18 - MIL-C-26482 series 2 style that conforms to BS9522 F 00020. Nickel Aluminium Bronze with Anti-glare finish, Polychloroprene Insert. 

MK 22 – Approved to VG96930, fine screw threaded, Naval connector, Aluminium or Stainless Steel & hard Anodised Aluminium, Polychoroprene  insert. 

MK 35 – D38999 Series 111 product, Naval applications, Marine Bronze Shell, Rigid plastic/ silicone rubber insert.

MK 38 – D38999 Series 1, conform to BS9522-F0034, Nickel Aluminium Bronze with Anti- Glare finish, Rigid plastic/silicone rubber insert.

Standard Material & Finishes

Shell material –  Nickel aluminium bronze with antiglare finish (MK18 and MK38), Aluminium alloy cadmium plated, olive drab passivation (MK 22), Marine Bronze, self finish (MK35). 

Insulators – Polychloroprene (MK18, MK22), Assembly of Rigid plastic/silicone rubber (MK35, MK38).

Contacts – All of the connectors use Copper alloy, gold plated contacts. Crimp removable. Solder and pc tail – non removable.  

Contact arrangements  - 2 to 61 contacts (MK 18), 1 to 108 contacts (MK 22), 1 to 128 contacts (MK 35) and 3 to 128 contacts (MK38). 

Market Segments Adoption in high reliability applications including traditional applications associated with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors Applications Defence Surveillance systems Thermal imaging Aerospace Fixed wing Rotary wing Landing gear Missile systems Features No tooling required for assembly Grounded backshell, shield termination, environmental sealing and mechanical strain relief Tested to the American Specification AS85049 for connector backshells Base materials & finishes Aluminium Cad, Electroless Nickel, Nickel PTFE, Zinc Cobalt Passivated Stainless Steel (not in AS85049) Our advantage All Screen Trap™ adaptors are capable of terminating single, double or optimised screens thereby making the Screen-Trap™ ideal where RFI, EMI, EMP, Tempest or HIRF conditions apply. Not widely promoted by competition that may prefer to offer more their own designs, ie Constant Force Springs, Tinel Ring, Banding Style Lower material cost than Banding Style termination Fast termination and therefore lower installation cost than other technologies Ease of repair Fast Facts Connectors Business Unit MIL-DTL-38999 SERIES III SCREEN TRAPTM BACKSHELLS © Copyright TT electronics, 2012. All rights reserved. Subject to change without prior notification.