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Multi-pole Signal ConnectorsMulti-pole Signal Connectors

Signal/High Speed Data Connector which is based on the bayonet lock connector. They feature a low fire hazard thermoplastic insulator, which is removable for repositioning at an alternative orientation. There are 4 styles of multi-pole contact available Co-ax, Twin-ax, Tri-ax & Quadrax.

The unique contact design allows for simple and robust termination to multi-core. The contacts can be mixed within the same insulator to provide many different combinations of wire termination. Connector sealing features a stepped wire sealing grommet, which provides a water tight seal to the cables.


  • Standard Materials & Finishes
  • Shells: Aluminium alloy, Cadmium free plated, black passivation
  • Insulators: Low fire hazard thermo plastic
  • Contacts: Copper Alloy, gold plated. Co-ax, Twin-ax, Tri-ax, Quadrax


  • Coupling: Three pin Bayonet Lock
  • Polarisation: Shell key/keyway in removable insulator
  • Contact Type: Crimp, multi-pole signal, Sandwich retention
  • Contact Arrangements: 1 to 7 way
  • Endurance: Minimum 2000 mating/unmating operations in any connector
  • Shock & Vibration: BSEN61373 Cat 1. Class A.
  • Contact Retention: Minimum 200N


  • Voltage Proof: 500v DC/AC peak
  • Contact Resistance: <5m ohms, less than 10 ohms after conditioning
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: Sea level = 500 Vrms between signal contacts and signal contact/body
  • Insulation Resistance: at ambient temperature >5000m ohms, at high temperature >1000m ohms
  • Note: Suitable for data transmission @ 100 Base-Tx on Cat 5e: Single Quadrax
  • Suitable for data transmission @ 1000 Base-T on Cat 5e: 2 x Quadrax


  • Temperature Rating: -55°C to +125°C
  • Sealing: IP67
  • Salt Spray: 500hrs in a sealed connector