Our expertise lays in our ability to source obsolete and hard-to-find products.  Through our network of franchises, global search facilities and suppliers we provide an extensive range of products and services, which includes the supply of electronic and electro-mechanical components.  We specialise in the procurement and supply of mil-aero and medical spares.

Obsolescence affects all products and it impacts upon all stages of their life.  Component obsolescence often leads to the need for expensive replacement parts, re-designs and qualification, all of which could damage your competitive edge, your profitability and your market reputation.  Obsolescence is inevitable and it cannot be avoided so obsolescence management is critical to achieve optimum cost-effectiveness throughout the life-cycle of a product.  Careful forethought and planning minimize the impact of obsolescence and its potential high costs.  Pro-active strategicand tactical measures can be taken to mitigate many of the risks associated with obsolescence, thus reducing its impact on through-life costs.

The IEC 62402:2007 Standard states:

The objective of obsolescence management is to ensure that obsolescence is managed as an integral part of all design, development, production and in-service support in order to minimize costs and detrimental impact throughout the product life cycle.