Avel Lindberg 2002 Limited at Tredegar, Wales, are a Toroidal Transformer manufacturer fully equipped with winding machines capable of manufacturing toroidal components in the size range of between 4mm and 450mm outside diameter, using enameled copper wire of between 10swg and 46swg. This integrated facility commences with automated manufacture of the transformer core and includes many company developed processing systems for the efficient manufacture of Toroidal Transformers. Our Workshop has on site facilities including Engineering, Design, Quality Control, Production Control and Plant Maintenance.

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We are market leaders in the manufacture of toroidal low profile transformers with over 40 years of experience which enables us to offer standard range I Ova - 530va; in house custom design up to 5 Kva; fast sample service; long production runs and customer partnerships. Our markets include medical equipment, aerospace, offshore and military applications. We manufacture in accordance with overseas standards and also produce ancillary equipment, power supplies and UPS.

Recently our work has expanded to include a new range of products using Self Bonding Wire in the manufacture of Encapsulated Coils (Bobbins), and Magnet Assemblies, work taken over from a local company, Emtech Ltd. part of whose order book came to Avel Lindberg 2002 Ltd.

A major part of the Company's work is from referrals and we enjoy a reputation for high quality work.
The status of the Company in its chosen field for the provision of a professional product is well established.

An essential requirement of the continuing maintenance and development of the Company's objectives is the installation of a quality system registered to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 status. Our QA Accreditations are: UL506, IEC 742.


Y236000 Series

UL, UL-CSA Approved & CE Marked
Dual Primaries / Dual Secondaries
Flexible Input / Output Leads
Double Insulated Primary Leads


Standard Laminate Range
Polyester Varnish Finish
Double Insulated
3VA to lOOkVA


Low Profile
Fully Encapsulated
PCB Mounted

D4000/5000 Series

UL506 & EN60742 Approved
Industry Standard
Low No Load Losses
Ease of Mounting
30V A to 530V A

We are now holding very large quantities of pre-wound primaries, thus enabling us to wind on the secondary of your choice in very quick time.

Power Supplies

Double Insulated Standard Modular Range A.C., D.C, or Regulated Outputs Inexpensive Way To Meet J.I.T Schedules.

DC-DC Converters

All Avel DC-DC Converters (isolated) and Switching Regulators (non-isolated) offer a tightly regulated 12 or 24 V DC output from an input of12 to llOV DC.
Avel DC-DC Converters and Switching Regulators can be used to power communications and radio equipment, modems, data equipment, monitors, route information systems and instrumentation.
They are ideal for automotive/mobile applications such as emergency vehicles and marine, land and aircraft applications requiring high reliability.

Site Transformers 

If you need an industrial Site Transformer, Avel have a comprehensive range of Heavy Duty site transformers at a reasonable price.

Double Insulated
Comprehensive range
Glass Reinforced Enclosures
Output is centre tapped for added safety
Meet or exceed all relevant UK Specifications.

Full Custom Design Service Available