Power Connectors

ILME multipole connectors cover a huge range of power, control and data applications. With the rated current ranging from 5A to 200A and with the possibility of up to 300 poles in a single connector, ILME can service all major industries and can be found in all types of electric machinery, control units, electrical panels, and wherever connections are required for power and signalling circuits.

ILME connectors comply with standard EN 61984 and are approved in accordance with the following approval marks:

Power Connector - C Type


Enclosures are available with various combinations of component materials, each one suitable for a specific installation, including regular conditions, high temperature environments, aggressive environments and environments that require electromagnetic compatibility.

The principle parts are made in die cast aluminium alloy with a coating of epoxy polyester powder or in self extinguishing thermoplastic which protect the inserts from impacts and strong mechanical stress.

Levers and special gaskets are used to seal the connector and protect the internal contacts against dust and water. IP ratings are available from IP44 to IP 67,68 and 69K.


Inserts are made of self extinguishing thermoplastic. Special versions are also available in PPS for a maximum ambient temperature of 180 ºC. There are 4 termination methods: screw, spring, SQUICH® and crimp and contacts are available in silver or gold plated brass, as well as tin plated versions and iron and constantan for thermocouple applications.

Power and signal poles can be found in the same insert, anywhere between 5A and 200A and 50V to 5000V.

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C Type Power Connector