Bag Compactors

Bag Compactors

Tony Team manufacture a range of high quality stainless steel bag compactors which automatically compress general waste or mixed recycling with compaction ratios of 6 or 7:1.In a matter of seconds waste is presented in neatly cubed bags for easy removal and disposal.

Available in 4 sizes from the smaller under-counter TT100 to the largest TT240 & constructed from durable and hygienic catering grade stainless steel, the bag compactors can  handle cardboard, food, paper, cans, waste packaging and other rubbish. For busier outlets the TT240 can be used in conjunction with a Pac-A-Lift for ease of disposal into large bins, or simply a trolley.

Tony Team bag compactors match the needs of commercial kitchens, factory production lines, coffee shops, bakeries, sandwich shops, and fast service outlets.

Tony Team also offer the bag compactors specifically for marine & offshore use, where their design makes them suitable for the extreme conditions at sea, solving the need to store waste for potentially long periods of time without causing issues with hygiene and odour.

Bag Compactor   Bag Compactor

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