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Blind-Spot Safety Sensors

Trains departing with objects trapped in closed doors (e.g children’s reins)Fit retroreflective sensor (Bernstein Photoelectric sensor OR20)... Read More

Position Monitoring

The scope of application for limit switches has changed over time. Whereas limit switches were previously used for the, today they are increasingly... Read More

Rail Transportation

Milspares in partnership with TT Electronics AB Connectors, supplies electrical connectors and accessories to the world’s largest rail... Read More

Rail Vehicle Construction

Rail vehicle construction places high demands on all products that are used here. Innovative solutions made of high-quality raw materials, excellent... Read More

Trackside Enclosures

Polycarbonate, GRP and Aluminium Enclosures are used to securely house a range of electrical technologies including Vibration Monitoring, Joint... Read More

Platform Screen Doors

Subject to demanding operation cycles, detectionswitches must perform dependably and comply with strict platformregulationsUse a positive drive limit... Read More