Position Monitoring

Position Switches and Safety Switches

The scope of application for limit switches has changed over time. Whereas limit switches were previously used for the purpose of detecting end positions, today they are increasingly assuming functions designed to protect persons and products in machine, equipment and plant construction. The BERNSTEIN Safety switch range delivers the perfect solution not just for the Rail Industry but for virtually any industry.


Problem: Used within a small aperture on regular operation cycles,

the detection switches must perform dependably and comply

within trainborne requirements

Solution: Use a compact limit switch (Bernstein Ti2 limit switch),

with 3 x 10⁶ switching cycles and compact 45x30mm dimensions

Helps to: Maintain regular working cycles within an everyday

environment and avoid any breakdowns

Limit switch Type ENK

Thanks to its design and its metal actuator, the ENK limit switch is particularly suitable for applications requiring a sturdy safety switch made of... Read More

Limit switch Type GC

Thanks to its compact design, this metal-enclosed switch is ideally suited for virtually all safety and position monitoring applications.  

Limit switch Type SN2

With its three cable entries and spacious connection area, the SN2 limit switch is the optimum solution for through-wiring or even branching off... Read More

Limit switch Type ENM2

With its standard enclosure, the ENM2 limit switch can be used universally in all industrial and safety applications.  

Limit switch Type D

Heavy duty enclosure for harsh operating conditions with particularly tough design of actuator and switching systems.  

Compact limit switches Type C2

Ideal for safety applications and position monitoring in confined spaces. 

Compact limit switches Type Ti2

Ideal for safety applications and position monitoring in confined spaces with high protection class IP 65.  

Limit switch IF

Most limit switches soon come up against their limits in applications involving confined spaces and wherever high protection classes are required, not... Read More

Bistable Safety Switch SGS

The SGS is a bistable safety switch with remote release facility. Once switched, the SGS remains in this position until it is manually reset at the... Read More