Bin Compactors

Bin Compactors

Tony Team Bin Compactors are an ideal management tool to reduce the number of wheelie bins required. Suitable for both general waste and dry mixed recycling, the bin compactors enable a more efficient, safe & cleaner waste management operation. They also provide both environmental and financial benefits by reducing the number of collection visits required, thereby reducing carbon impact.

Tony Team offer 3 models to suit all types of outlet : the market leading TT1100e Bin compactor suitable for most bin designs from 660litre to 1280 litre in size, The TT330 for 360L 2 wheeled bins & the 240l bin compactor for the smaller 240 litre domestic bins. Our customers include hotels, prisons, hospitals, MOD establishments, fast food outlets, restaurants, cinemas, in fact almost anywhere where waste volumes are causing

Bin Compactor  Bin Compactor

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