Insulation Products

Milspares works with worldclass partners that understand the customers needs when it comes to Insulation Products.

Products such as Heat Shrink Tubing , Heatshrink Shapes (boots) and also Non Shrinkable tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Areas where heat shrink tubing is used vary greatly. The key factors to which we owe our success are the unique and quite specific properties of  heat shrink tubing. Starting with the choice of material, for example, the different requirement demands raised by being used in the sensitive aerospace industry or  rail transportation sector are focused on  the self-extinguishing fire protection properties of heat shrink tubing.

According to the requirements set, the shrink ratio, that is to say the precise size to which heat shrink tubing is capable of shrinking, can be just as important in this process as dispensing with halogeneous materials in the manufacturing of heat shrink tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing HA47  Heat Shrink Tubing

Every single piece of heat shrink tubing has to match its specific area of work to the highest degree of accuracy – from batch production, for example as the insulating handles of tools, to heat shrink tubing sleeves for maintaining underground cables which have already been laid and which would be extremely expensive to repair in terms of resources and costs without using corresponding specialised heat shrink tubing (heat shrink cable repair sleeves).

From adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to transparent heat shrink tubing which allows the identifying elements to remain visible on cables to be insulated Heat shrink tubing is extruded plastic tube that is expanded and will shrink back to its extruded size when heated.

Heat shrink is used to electrically insulate cables and wires offering also mechanical and chemical protection.

Heat Shrink Tubing for electrical insulation and mechanical protection. Thin Wall Tubing, Medium and Thick Wall tubing, without (single wall) or with adhesive liner (dual wall). Heat Shrink Tubing made of Polyolefin (POX), Elastomer (PES), Fluoropolymer (FPM), Polyvinylidenefluoride(PVDF) and Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). Available in various shrink ratios from 2:1 up to 6:1 for different applications.

Heat Shrink Moulded Shapes

Heat Shrink Moulded Shapes  Unique Heat Shrink Moulded Shapes

Heat Shrink Moulded Shapes, End Caps and Breakouts, unlined and adhesive lined, 2-way up to 6-way Outlet Shapes.

90°and 45° angle boots, Transitions, Y-outlets, VG-style shapes. End Caps and Breakouts for low voltage applications, two component epoxy adhesive and hot melt adhesive tape.

Heat shrinkable moulded shapes combine the advantages of quick, easy installation with high electric strength, mechanical toughness and superior chemical and environmental resistance. Heat shrink boots offer important functional and cost saving benefits for electrical and electronic applications ranging from insulation and protection of individual components to fabrication of complete inter-connecting cable harness assemblies. Strain-relieving boots, transitions and connector backshell covers, as well as other specialised shapes, are available in a wide range of sizes and options. An extensive product line includes low profile, bulbous and lipped types for use on circular and D-type connectors as well as complex multiway transitions.  

Non Shrinkable Tubing

Insulation tubing and sleeving, made from Chloroprene (CR), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyolefin (PO), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Silicone (SI) as well as Hellerine lubricating oil for rubber and plastic sleeves.

Non Shrinkable Tubing

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