Cable Protection Systems

Milspares offers a massive range of cable protection systems. Many of the products can be used in wiring cabinets, particularly in the door area where movement is a requirement. Products for this type of applications we would recommend Non Metalic / Metalic and spiral reinforced conduits. With straight and elbowed couplings also mounting clips for mounting onto surfaces to secure the conduit into situe.

Cable Protection Systems

HT Flexguard - Cable Protection System  Spiral Binding Cable Protection Systems

Milspares can also offer various braided sleeving under UL and Mil spec, ranging from Polyester (PET), Polyester with Tin Plated Copper, re-sealable protective sleeving, are all an ideal solution for post-termination cable organisation and wherever repetitive use is a necessity. These products are enhanced wth an excellent protective abrasive material.

Flexiform Cable - Cable Protection Systems  Helagaine Braided Sleeving - Cable Protection Systems

Within the cable protection ranges, we can upply edge protection strips and grommets for those areas where the cable are routed through sharp-edged cut out sections and the cable needs to be protected. PVC beading strips is not just used to protect the cables but can also be used to provide an attractive finish to any panel. Flexible grommet strips applied to panel edges without any use of adhesives.

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