Hook up wiresHook up wires / Equipment wire

Milspares can supply a large range of single conductor hook-up wires, the most basic wiring component.

Used extensively for both electrical and electronic equipment, hook-up / equipment wires are required to perform in increasingly critical environments. Milspares partners' offer high quality hook up wires in an extensive range of insulating materials, colours, sizes and packaging to efficiently and quickly meet new demands.   

Insulation materials

PVC, PTFE, ETFE, FEP Habiaflame - HFI 120 - HFI 140 - HFI 150 - HFI 260 -Kapton - LSI 155 - PFA - Teflon - TPS 125 XL - XLETFE.

Manufactured to UL wire, CSA wire,
BS3G210 Type A
BS3G210 Type B
BS3G210 Type C

Milspares are distributors of Habia Cables & National Wire and Cables; both proven world class manufacturers.



Manufactured to BS3G210 – TYPE ASilver plated copper conductors as standard, Nickel PlatedType A – voltage - 300VPTFE INSULATED JACKETManufactured... Read More

Def Stan

Defence Standard 16-2-D Part 5 (Ind-Screened): PVC/Ind-TCWB/PVC85°C PVC equipment wire to DEF STAN 61-12 Part 6 and BS4808120°C low toxicity to DEF... Read More