AC - DC Converters

Inverters and AC-DC converters

DMS technologies can provide you with the ancillary products required to complete your electrical installation


The new Red Flash™ Battery Charger range offers a high quality, safe and effective charging system for both AGM and Gel batteries. Charging is optimised over 3 stages providing fast recharge on suitable batteries ensuring maximum battery life is achieved.

These intelligent 3 stage chargers are designed for use with electrical systems commonly found in vehicle installations, on-board marine systems, workshops and industrial applications.


DMS technologies supplies pure sine wave inverters designed specifically for professional applications where reliability is required. Our compact inverters produce a pure 230VAC 50Hz supply from a 12V or 24V battery bank or DC supply.

The units revert to a standby mode when not in use to conserve battery power and are available with UK or EU output sockets.

Split ChargersSplit Chargers

The Red Flash™ Split Charger is an ultra-low power loss device that can be used to charge separate battery banks from a single source. The Red Flash™ Split Charger will disconnect the link between battery banks when the charging source (the alternator in this case) is switched off. On systems that contain multiple banks charging from a single source, a split charger can help extend the life of your batteries by ensuring a balanced charging regime.

The split charger is very easy to set up, and is supplied with full instructions and circuit diagram. The unit has incredibly low power consumption, particularly when compared with other diode splitter systems. A range of current ratings are available including 60A, 90A and 120A, with various input/output arrangements.

DC-DC ConvertersDC-DC Converters

These products offer a convenient way to operate mass produced 12VDC equipment such as cell phones, in car entertainment, professional communication and telematics equipment, refrigerators, televisions etc. from the 24VDC mobile electrical systems found on diesel engine vehicles and vessels. All the units consume an off load current of less than 15mA, which is often less than the self-discharge current of the vehicle’s battery. In most cases this can be ignored, speeding the installation by removing the need to fit an isolator switch. All products fit onto a ‘Click ‘n’ Fit’ mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places and then simply click the unit into position. A red LED indicates when there is output from the converter. This gives reassurance to the installation engineer and speeds fault finding.

Power SupplierPower Supplier

Available in 100W and 200W models, these stand-alone power supplies are microprocessor controlled allowing bespoke firmware to customise alarm outputs and levels.   Featured as standard, advanced battery monitoring includes temperature compensation, over discharge protection and automatic battery discharge testing ensures maximum battery life expectation is achieved. Used with or without batteries these units offer a stable and reliable power supply with an auxiliary output in a compact chassis with flexible mounting options.