Specialist Batteries

Genesis battery range from EnersysGenesis

Genesis battery range from Enersys.

Genesis battery plates are thinner, allowing more plates per cell. As a result, these batteries can reach a high rate of charge in fast charging conditions.


Lifeline batteries



Lifeline™ batteries have been designed for good all-round performance and extended cycle life.

They are ideal for all service load and starting requirements in yachts and commercial craft. Due to their excellent performance, Lifeline™ batteries are ideal for emergency services, military and recreational vehicles.


Cyclon - Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) Rechargeable CellsCyclon

Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) rechargeable cells can solve many of the problems associated with “conventional” lead alloy batteries.



Red Flash™ High Rate Batteries


Red Flash High Rate

Red Flash™ High Rate batteries have been designed to provide the very high cranking currents needed for engine starting from the smallest possible battery size.



Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries


Red Flash Deep Cycle

Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries, using Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, are amongst the highest quality in terms of reserve capacity, long cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance.


Ultralife Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

Ultralife Lithium Deep Cycle

Ultralife Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries, using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology offer excellent weight saving within the same footprint as industry standard lead acid (VRLA) alternatives. The internal management system allows them to be used as an alternative to AGM or GEL batteries with minimal changes.

Tadiran Batteries



Tadiran Batteries is one of the leading manufacturers of primary (non rechargeable) lithium batteries in Europe. Primary lithium batteries provide a number of advantages against traditional chemistries including extended shelf life, increased energy density and a very wide operating temperature. 


Lithium Product

Lithium Product

These battery blocks can contain the cell management and protection, maximising the advantages of Lithium while minimising any changes to the existing solution. Please contact us with your current specification and we can look at direct Lithium alternatives.


The ODYSSEY® battery



The ODYSSEY® battery ingeniously uses Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology to offer, in one box, the characteristics of two separate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide excellent cranking power.