Bridges and Illuminated Switches

Paramount Panels is a world leading specialist manufacturer of man machine interfaces for the aerospace and defence markets. We offer the broadest line of products as required by todays military and aerospace markets and we have a proven track record of solving customer’s problems. Since the 1960’s PPUK has provided lighting products and solutions for many military and commercial aerospace applications, including products such as illuminated control panels, integrated and illuminated keyboards and bezels along with instrument and cockpit lighting.

Bridges and Illuminated SwitchesOur products can be found in vehicles, fixed wing military and commercial aircraft, simulators, surface vessels, submarines, ground equipment, snow mobiles, theatres and many other applications.

We are an innovative company and have vast experience in the Design and manufacture of lightplates and lighting devices from our facility in London, UK.
Our certifications include BS9001:2008 and EASA Part 21.

Designs generally conform to MIL-DTL-7788, and other leading specifications, including NVIS lighting to MIL-STD-3009 and MIL-L-85762A.

Instrument Bridge Lighting

In many applications within an aircraft cockpit there are requirements to illuminate flight instruments or areas within, in this context we can supply instrument bridge lights, 360° lighting bezels, post lights and cockpit utility lamps, including LED NVIS White and NVIS Green A or B.