MARL 528 Series

Marl’s 528 Series, Stainless Steel, Sealed LED Panel Indicator.



Product Description:


13.0mm (1/2”) mounting, Professional LED Panel Indicator featuring a high intensity LED element. Internal circuitry is designed for a range of voltage options and includes a reverse protection diode, as standard. Termination is achieved by standard solder/crimp tags. This particular device is fitted with a low profile, coloured diffused lens assembly to provide excellent wide angle viewing.  The precision turned housing is manufactured from stainless steel. Benefits include high optical performance, outstanding reliability, vandal resistance and sealing specifications in excess of IP67.  The indicator is supplied complete with full mounting hardware.  Datasheet attached.


The 528 Series is a high quality, 13mm (1/2”) mounting, professional LED Panel Indicator.  Featuring a precision turned stainless steel housing and high performance internal circuitry, the 528 Series is designed for a range of voltage options, and includes a reverse protection diode. Ingress protection and panel sealing to IP67 is offered as standard, with full mounting hardware included. Available in a range of LED colour options, this product includes a coloured diffused Fresnel lens to enhance output and viewing angle, whilst eliminating potential for glare.  The 528 Series has been specifically designed for applications operating in demanding environments, such as industrial process control panels, instrumentation and switchgear; for example food manufacture and marine environments where the operator requires clear, decisive, and reliable equipment status indication.



Features:                                                                  Benefits:

Ø13.0mm Mounting                                                  Standard Industrial mounting size

Stainless Steel Housing                                            Suitable for Harsh Environments

Sealed to IP67 - Weatherproof                                 Suitable for External Applications

Coloured Diffused Lens                                            Suitable for Wide Angle Viewing

Internally Potted                                                        Suitable for High Vibration Applications

Range of LED Colour Options                                  Suitable for Status Panel Indication

Range of Voltage Options                                         Manufactured with internal resistor circuitry

Reverse Protection Diode                                         Protects against wrong polarity installation (Voltage Models)                                                    

                                                                                  Outstanding Reliability

                                                                                  Vandal Resistant




Rugged and Harsh Environmental Applications

Marine and Off Shore Equipment

Food Preparation Clean Applications

Defence Platforms

Industrial Equipment

Medical Clean Applications

Fire Engine Emergency Vehicles

Rail (Rolling Stock and Plant)

Steel Foundries & Coal Mines

Power Stations Control Panels

Heavy Plant and Equipment

Theme Parks & Leisure Equipment




Marl’s 528 Series used to replace older Neon Indicators:


Hot water dispensers on aircraft used older Neon indicators. Today, these neons have been replaced with Marl’s 528 Series LED indicators giving a more reliability and a more modern appearance.  The dispenser manufacturer used the same input voltage (110Vac) and the same mounting hole.  This allowed the manufacturer to upgrade the indicators with minimal change to the unit front panel and input voltage.  The more modern appearance and increased reliability resulted in the manufacturer’s sales increasing.



Why Marl?


Because for over 40 years, Marl has been Designing and Manufacturing leading edge LED components that provide innovative, attractive, functional cost-effective solutions to all global market sectors.


Marl’s “state-of-the-art” in house design and manufacturing facilities, combined with agility, speed, flexibility and willingness to respond to customer’s requirements makes Marl a leader in LED components, suitable for all applications.     


Marl’s Product Range includes PCB Mounting LEDs, LED Bulbs and Sealed LED Panel Indicators as detailed on the attached Product Selector Guide. Marl also offers Semi-Custom and Bespoke component design and manufacturing to meet the Customer’s project requirements.